Week 5 Blog challenge – Let’s look at earth day

Air Quality

Air quality is a big problem in countries like China and Saudi Arabia. When you live in an environment with bad air quality then your life expectancy can drop by three years. To try and fix air pollution you can reduce the number of trips you take in your car, avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials.


Socioeconomic Implications of Air Pollution

Commenting guidelines


When you make a comment you should always start the sentence with a capital letter and you should also end your sentence with a full stop. If you are asking a question always put a question mark at the end. You should also check for any spelling errors.


Before posting you should always read your comment to check spelling and grammar and change any mistakes you have made.

Helpful feedback

Think about giving helpful feedback so the blogger can improve. Don’t just say ‘Wow this is so good’ you can tell them what you like and what they can maybe think about adding.



How I experienced visiting other people’s blogs

Did it inspire you?

This inspired me because now I have new ideas to add to my blog.

Did you see any cool designs or posts and what were they?

I saw some really cool designs on some blogs like digital photos used as avatars.

Were you surprised by anything and WMYST?

I was surprised to how many creative ways people were doing their blog challenges. 

Include the links to any blogs you think are worthy of others visiting and why you chose them. 


I really liked how Madelyn made a slideshow on her blog and I would like to learn how to do to make a slideshow too.


I really liked how Madison described how she made her avatar.


I liked how logan made the background of their blog a neon colour.



Anastasia’s Acrostic poem

A      Arts: I love doing art in my free time.

N    Nectarines: My favourite fruit to eat is a nectarine.

  Acrostic poems: Another activity I love to do is doing acrostic poems.

S    Swimming : I love to swim laps of my pool on hot days.

T  Talking : I love talking to my friends.

A    Animals:  I love to spend time with animals especially cats.

S   Skiing : Every year I go skiing with my family and I love it so much.

I  Ice sculptures: Every year when I go to America people make Ice sculptures in town and they are so beautiful.

A  Aquariums : I love going to aquariums to see all of the sea creatures. 

Country of Focus Week 6 – Cambodia

Cambodia’s flag

I got my picture from :



2. Cambodia is in the continent of Asia.


3.  The capital city of cambodia is Phnom Penh.


4. Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere.


5. The population of Cambodia is 16.72 million people.


6. The national language of cambodia is Khmer.


7. The currency of Cambodia is Cambodian riel.

8. A connection that Australia has with Cambodia is that the average age of marriage is about the same. In Australia most people get married at the age of 30 but in Cambodia most people get married at the age of 25.


9. An interesting fact about Cambodia is that most people don’t care about their Birthdays.


10. Cambodia shares a border with three countries : Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Commenting on other people’s posts

least helpful                                                                                                                                                                                Most helpful

First comment sixth comment forth comment seventh comment second comment third comment eighth comment fifth comment


1. I rate the first comment a 1/5.

2. I rate the second comment a 4/5

3. I rate the third comment a 4/5

4. I rate the forth comment a 2/5

5. I rate the fifth comment a 5/5

6. I rate the sixth comment a 1/5

7. I rate the seventh comment a 3/5

8. I rate the eighth comment a 4/5


  1. Which is the most helpful and what makes you say this?

The most helpful comment was the fifth comment because Tom, the person who wrote it said : It made him think of different ways he could get involved. That is very good  feedback.


2. Which is the least helpful and what makes you say this ?

The least helpful comment was the First comment because the person who wrote it wasn’t using proper words they were just using letters so it would be quicker to write and they said hi instead of saying Dear.


200 word writing challenge

The potter cat

One day there was a cat he was called the Potter cat and every day before he ate his breakfast he went for a morning walk. One day when the Potter cat was going for his morning walk  in his garden, he saw a big snake even though the Potter family had got the snake catcher to come for the snake check up. The snake check up is when the snake catcher comes to check if there is any snakes in the garden. So the Potter cat didn’t understand why there would be a snake. At once the Potter cat ran inside so that snake wouldn’t hurt him. However  the Potter family forgot to leave the cat’s food out , the Potter cat marched over to the bed where he saw Harry Potter ASLEEP! The Potter cat pounced onto the bed to wake up Harry and it worked Harry woke up. So Harry went to give the potter cat he breakfast. Next Harry went to go and get changed and go to work and now the Potter cat was alone again. The Potter cat wondered what to do next so he went to find a place to go to sleep.